Committed To Quality & Service

Welcome to the website of Gartel Design & Construction.

Thank you for taking the time to view our new web site which we feel demonstrates the level of commitment we strive to produce in both our workmanship and overall service.

Gartel Design & Management Co Ltd is a company newly formed as a result of our other companies activities within the refurbishment market.

The owners felt that by forming this exciting new company they will be able to offer a wide range of services using our extensive experienced and skilled qualified tradesman to meet the growing demand not just in the commercial market but also in the domestic one as well.

At Gartel we recognise the importance of high working standards. Our policies on Health & Safety and general working Practices are set out in black and white and are strictly followed. To illustrate our commitment to this, you will find our promises in writing. These include:

Mission Statement Customer Care Policy
Company Profile Environmental Policy Insurances
Health & Safety Policy Equal Opportunities Policy
Public Liability Insurance
Cover £ 5,000,000 (5 million pounds)
Employers Liability Insurance
Cover £10,000,000 (10 million pounds)

We will carry out all works in a professional manner and complete the contract works on time. We will strictly comply with all legislation especially Health and Safety and C.D.M. We will ensure complete client satisfaction in quality of work.

We employ a team of committed and talented people. Our ambition is to constantly refine and improve our working practices. We adopt a non-adversarial approach to project management and always aim to deliver an excellent product to specification, within budget and on time. We are committed to environmental protection and sustainability and have applied rigorous policies and procedures to ensure we minimise our impact on the globe. We promote re-cycling of materials and seek to minimise both material and energy waste.

This dedicated website allows you to find out more about us and the comprehensive range of professional construction services we offer.

Whether you're looking for traditional construction, renovation, refurbishment, specialist works, or even maintenance, we have the skills and resources to tackle almost any private or public project... no matter what size.

As well as working on a purely contracting basis, we can also act as design and build contractors or provide construction management. Additionally, we've developed a small works and jobbing division for all aspects of maintenance and repair work.

Above all, we are committed to a flexible hands on approach. Through our in-depth knowledge, experience and expertise we can pride ourselves on our ability to tackle any challenge.

Our expertise has also taught us to quickly adapt to the continual changes within the construction industry, including the use of new materials and techniques.

We operate the most demanding Health and Safety Procedures and expect the same of those working with us.

We strive to become the best through the relentless implementation of new techniques, strategies and procedures.

Statement of purpose


  • To fully co-operate with our clients and to put their interests first
  • Encourage innovation
  • Practice the highest levels of professionalism, leadership, business and people management
  • To care about the environment and actively improve the construction industry
  • Communicate and share information
  • To respect, support and work for our customers and each other
  • Set demanding health and safety standards to safeguard our staff, customers and the public


  • To fully co-operate with our clients and to put their interests first
  • To consistently exceed our clients expectations
  • To deliver the highest quality product, on time, and within budget
  • To fully engage/involve all staff and recognise their roles
  • To build safely with regard to employees, our customers and the environment
  • To reinvest in training and provide career opportunities
  • Foresight, the most important word in construction. It allows for accurate planning and preparation and is delivered through experience and expertise. Gartel Design & Construction has built a solid reputation based on performance, delivering & Quality.
  • Our ethos of putting client first and responding to their needs goes far beyond both the contract and obligations under the contract. The results of our care policy are reflected in our high percentage of repeat business in all sectors.